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Citizen Scientist Project News

15 Nov: Florida Power & Light and Audubon Florida launch Solar Sanctuary program to promote pollinators and preserve wildlife habitat at new solar power plant sites

-This new partnership aims to transform thousands of acres of solar-generating property into thriving sanctuaries with dedicated conservation areas -Florida Wildflower Foundation, Florida Native Plant Society, Wildlife Habitat Council and other groups are working with FPL and Audubon to enhance…

19 Oct: What happens to marine life after hurricanes?

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has produced extreme impacts on people in the Caribbean and United States and all over the globe and have been destructive to many human settlements. There have been personal, economical and even political impacts that…

Key Deer Worm Invasion 01 EKM
17 Oct: Don’t feed the deer

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, U.S. Fish and Wildlife refuge managers on Big Pine Key are reminding locals and tourists not to feed the Key deer. Well-meaning people have been providing a variety of food products — including corn…

16 Oct: 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Fast Facts

  (CNN) – Here is a look at the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season. Facts: The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. The areas covered include the North Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The…

12 Oct: Why Seaweed, Not Solar, May Be the Energy of Tomorrow

IN BRIEF:   The US Department of Energy has invested nearly $1.5 million in projects that will help establish large-scale seaweed farms for the purpose of making biofuel. The renewable energy sector is rapidly increasing in the diversity of clean energy…