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Coastal Saltwater News

Culex panocossa
08 Jun: ‘Explosion’ of Salt Marsh Mosquitoes Swarms

A brood of salt marsh mosquitoes borne from high tides along Southwest Florida’s coastal mangroves descended on Collier County this week, unleashing a “horrendous” torrent of insects that experts say is the worst they’ve seen in a decade. High winds contributed to spreading the pestilential bugs 30 to 40 miles inland. The Collier County Mosquito…

Artificial Mangroves
06 Jun: Artificial Mangroves Could Bring Back Vanishing Habitats In Florida

  A couple researchers created artificial mangroves in Manasota Key to bring back marine life that was lost from development. Along Florida’s coasts are seawalls– built to prevent the shoreline from eroding. But that defense sometimes means removing natural habitats. Experts are now trying to turn these solid barriers into thriving ecosystems. In Englewood, the…

biscayne bay pic
21 Jan: Water managers take steps to improve South Florida bays

Biscayne Bay and Florida Bay, the two massive and ailing shallow bays that draw tourists and dollars from around the globe, both got a little first aid Thursday. South Florida water managers signed off on two measures designed to bring more freshwater to both. While they represent only a fraction of what’s ultimately needed, the…

10 Jan: Some Keys reefs show hike in coral disease, study finds

Coral reefs in the Florida Keys and South Florida generally avoided a bleaching blight this summer, but some local reefs showed “widespread coral disease.” Underwater surveys conducted by the Florida Reef Resilience Program, from August through October, found “prevalence of diseased corals among the sites in 2016 was greater than what was documented in both…

08 Jan: Rare longfin mako sharks journey through Keys waters

A rare species of mako shark swims through Florida Keys waters as it roams from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, says a new scientific paper jointly published by researchers with Mote Marine Laboratory and Cuba’s University of Havana. Two longfin makos were tagged with satellite-tracking devices in an effort to learn more…

30 Dec: A New View of Coral Reefs

December 20, 2016 A three-year NASA field expedition to examine Earth’s coral reefs is now underway, giving scientists the opportunity to study reefs ecology and condition. This story was re-posted from the Miami Herald.

bottlenose dolphin
20 Dec: Bottlenose dolphins found with record-high levels of mercury

November 30, 2016 Bottlenose dolphins swimming off the Florida Everglades, beloved for zipping alongside lonely boaters in the remote bays and rivers chiseled out of the vast marshes, have the highest levels of mercury ever documented in the mammals, researchers have found. But why that is may not be so easy to unravel. The findings…

14 Dec: Florida Sea Grant: Biscayne Bay Water Watch

The Florida Sea Grant Extension Program in Miami-Dade County is committed to enhancing the practical use and conservation of coastal and marine resources for a sustainable economy and environment. The Citizen Scientist Project is a participant in the Florida Sea Grant Program in the Biscayne Bay Water Watch. The Biscayne Bay Water Watch (BBWW) is…

07 Dec: Mud from PortMiami dredge spurred coral die-off, study finds

A new study has confirmed what federal wildlife officials long suspected: dredging at PortMiami to make way for massive new ships killed far more coral than the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers predicted. The study, published this month in the online journal PeerJ, sought to set the record straight on what exactly killed coral around…

30 Nov: Pregnant manatee found in deadly cold water flown back home to Florida

Washburn is back in her home state after a thousand-mile journey. The pregnant manatee was discovered far from her native Florida in life-threateningly cold water. The International Fund for Animal Welfare scooped the 800-pound mammal out of the coastal waters of Falmouth, Massachusetts, in late September. She waited at a private tank at Mystic Aquarium…