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Review Your Observations

Click on a Placemarker on the Map Below to View Citizen Scientist Photos From That Location

Over the past 4 years, citizen scientists like yourself have uploaded their observations in and around Key Biscayne.

Simply click on one of the markers on the map to see the photos and learn more about the observation.

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2016-17 Key Challenge Recordings

Citizen scientists and the participants in the Citizen Scientist Project’s 2016-17 Key Challenge have recorded photographs of environment and wildlife in and around Key Biscayne. Submissions to this map are still open and will close at the beginning of the 2017-18 Key Challenge.

Click on a marker to review their recordings.

CSP Intern Scientists’ Recordings

While developing the Citizen Scientist Project’s geographical information systems (GIS) database, intern scientists populated our first map with their findings. Submissions to this map are now closed.

Click on a marker to review their recordings.