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2017-18 Mini Challenge #1

Key Biscayne recently passed a resolution to encourage the public and businesses to stop the use of plastic bags. Plastic pollution is a continuous and serious problem for both the local wildlife and environment. There have been studies showing that animals, like turtles, ingest plastic bags mistaking them for jellyfish or other types of food, and the plastic can smother and suffocate more sedentary animals, like coral. We want our kids to learn to limit their use of plastic and to learn about alternative methods to reduce plastic product use.

This challenge requires participants to come up with a design that will be reproduced on reusable bags, with which we hope to promote reduction in plastic use. These bags will be used to encourage people for use with their groceries or other shopping, so that they do not have to continually receive and collect single-use plastic bags.

Mini Challenge Rules

1. This can be done as an Individual or Group project (younger students in the Pre-K, K, 1st category can enter as a Class also).

2. Your design does not have to be overly simple, however it must be a one-color design (i.e., black design on a white background).

3. Submission period for this Mini Challenge will be open during the month of November (11/1/17-11/30/17). Submit designs using the form below.

4. The winner will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in April 2018, and will receive a special award for winning this Mini Challenge.

Submit Your Recycled Bag Designs  Using the Form Below

2017-18 Mini Challenge #1
Submission Form

Use the form below to submit your designs for the 2017-18 Key Challenge Mini Challenge #1. Your submission can be a JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF, PDF, AI, EPS, PSD under 5 MB. Submission period for this Mini Challenge will be open during the month of November (11/1/17-11/30/17).

The submission period is closed for Mini Challenge #1.