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Summer Challenge Puzzles

Want to win fun science prizes? The 2017 Summer Challenge has begun! Submit your photos, finish the puzzles, & learn more below.

Download this week’s puzzle here.

Photo of the Week

This week’s Human Impact Featured Photo is from Maaya Sundaram titled Human Impact: Introduced, Invasive Gecko on a Florida Window.

A special thank you goes out to all of those that particpated in this year’s Summer Challenge!

The final week of the 2017 Summer Challenge has begun!

Photo of the Week

Get Involved & Win Science Prizes!

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Welcome to the Summer Challenge

Each week the Citizen Scientist Project will be running science related puzzles in The Islander and releasing them online via this page and Facebook. Solve the puzzles and send them to us before the end of next week, and you can win prizes!

We will feature a Citizen Scientist’s Photo in The Islander, on Facebook and Instagram, and here on our site. These photos should illustrate our theme for this year: Human Impact. If we choose your photo to be our Featured Photo, you will win a prize!  Please see the rules below for submitting photos.

In order to claim your prize for completing the puzzles, mail your solved puzzles to our office at 88 W. McIntyre Street, Suite 200, Key Biscayne, FL 33149 (must be post-marked before the next puzzle is released – see below for important dates). You can also scan your solved puzzles and email them to info@keyscience.org.

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Human Impact Featured Photo

Each week we will also showcase a Key Biscayne Citizen Scientist’s photograph that expertly illustrates this year’s theme: Human Impacts on the Environment

  • Pollution (plastic, atmospheric, litter, etc.)
  • Urban Sprawl/Development (habitat loss, runoff, etc.)
  • Deforestation (soil erosion, desertification, etc.)
  • Agriculture (resource use, runoff, pesticides, etc.)
  • Invasive Species (Melaleuca, air potato, Burmese python, etc.)
  • Overfishing (killing unwanted species, lower populations, etc.)
  • Mining (acid drainage, habitat loss, etc.)
  • Poaching (removal of animals crucial to an ecosystem, endangered animals targeted, etc.)

Interested in having your photography showcased? Snap a shot and upload it to us using the form below!

This Week’s Puzzles

In case you don’t get The Islander and still want to participate, click the button to download this week’s Summer Challenge puzzles! Remember, if you want to be considered for prizes, Like our Facebook Page, Follow our Instagram, and send us your completed puzzles.

Completed puzzle submissions should include a name, age, phone number, and return address so that we can mail out your age-appropriate prize.

Last Week’s Solutions

At the end of the week, we will release the answers to the previous week’s puzzles. Simply click the button below to find out how you did!

The answers to the puzzles will be released the Friday of the following week, one day after the new puzzle comes out in The Islander.

Mailed copies of the puzzle must be post-marked by the Closing Date, which is the Thursday the new puzzle comes out.

Submit Your Human Impact Photo

The 2017 Summer Challenge is looking for photo submissions that show Human Impact on our local environment. If your photo is selected, it will be showcased in next week’s Summer Challenge puzzle in The Islander and here on the site.

Human Impact on the environment includes: Pollution (plastic, atmospheric, litter, etc.), Urban Sprawl/Development (habitat loss, runoff, etc.), Deforestation (soil erosion, desertification, etc.), Agriculture (resource use, runoff, pesticides, etc.), Invasive Species (Melaleuca, air potato, Burmese python, etc.), Overfishing (killing unwanted species, lower populations, etc.), Mining (acid drainage, habitat loss, etc.), and Poaching (removal of animals crucial to an ecosystem, endangered animals targeted, etc.)

Just fill out the form to submit your photograph.

Photo Submission Form

Photo submissions for the 2017 Summer Challenge is now closed.

If you would like to submit photos of Human Impact, you can still submit them over in the Citizen Scientist Project Lab under Record Your Findings.