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Welcome to the
Citizen Scientist Project

Our mission is to have citizen and professional scientists monitor and protect resources and to share information on the most critical natural resources of Key Biscayne and Virginia Key.

Established by the Key Biscayne Community Foundation, the Citizen Scientist Project seeks to have Key residents work with professional scientists to achieve four goals:

  1. Learn about the natural resources of Key Biscayne and Virginia Key;
  2. Experience the natural resources of the Key through participation in field trips;
  3. Participate in citizen scientist projects, which are directed at protecting the natural resources of the Island; and
  4. Suggest projects for the Citizen Scientist Project.

Citizen Scientist Project Lab

Learn About Key Biscayne

Learn about the mature and wildlife of Key Biscayne with these articles written and compiled by scientists, professionals, and student interns from University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.

Explore Key Biscayne

Virtually explore Key Biscayne and the surrounding area with our interactive maps highlighting each of our seven resources: Beaches, Coral Reefs Green Spaces, Mangroves, Pathways, Seagrasses, and Waterways.

Record Your Findings

Record your findings by uploading your photographs of Key Biscayne nature and wildlife; submitting answers to our Relevant Environmental Questions; and/or sharing your bird sighting observations via our Bird Recorder.

Review the Observations

Review all of the photographic observations made by citizen scientists, professional scientists, student, and interns. This map visualizes user submitted photographs and data to the Citizen Scientist Project’s GIS database.

Get Involved

Citizen Scientist Project’s Programs


Key Challenge

The Key Challenge is an island-wide initiative directed at increasing student’s appreciation and knowledge of the island’s natural resources.


Sea Level Rise

As an island community, the effects of changes in climate have special significance for the Key Biscayne, such as flooding, salt water intrusion, and king tides.


Water Watch

The Water Watch is a community-based volunteer water quality monitoring program working with the UF/IFAS Sea Grant Extension Program.


Reef Restoration

Working with UM’s coral restoration lab, Reef Restoration propagates threatened Caribbean staghorn coral in underwater coral nurseries.


CSP Lecture Series

The Citizen Scientist Project’s Lecture Series is an ongoing monthly lecture series hosted on Key Biscayne, and the Series is open & free to the public.


CSP Field Activities

The Water Watch is a community-based volunteer water quality monitoring program working with the UF/IFAS Sea Grant Extension Program.

News & Posts

A Sea Turtle is Mysteriously Found Dead After Nesting in Miami Beach

The sea turtle was just looking for somewhere to nest. That’s what Miami-Dade County Sea Turtle Conservation Program surveyors said likely brought a 300-pound female loggerhead sea turtle to Miami Beach sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning, just as peak sea turtle nesting season is getting underway. She appeared to lay a nest successfully…

key deer worms
Flesh-Eating worms Reach Florida’s Mainland

The stray dog came with bad news. This week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that a dog near Homestead, Florida—a city 15 miles north of the Florida Keys—was found with wounds infested with screwworms, the much dreaded flesh-eating pest. If you’re not familiar with screwworm, it’s because the U.S. poured millions of dollars into…

Mimosa yellow butterfly
Rare butterfly, all the way from Cuba, flutters to Key Largo for first U.S. appearance.

Susan Kolterman, a naturalist and volunteer at the Dagny Johnson state botanical park, documented the first U.S. appearance of a rare Cuban butterfly, a Poey’s swallowtail, this week when she spotted it in Key Largo. Susan Kolterman Big news broke in the butterfly world this week. A naturalist searching for endangered Schaus’ swallowtails in Key…

CSP Events

June 24: WE-LAB Event

The Key Biscayne Community Foundation is hosting a FREE workshop on exploring the relationship of water and energy behaviors! Participants will also receive a FREE $50 water conservation toolkit. Spaces are limited so RSVP at www.we-lab.net/workshop.  For any questions, please contact Rumya Sundaram, Key Biscayne’s Citizen Science Project Corrdinator, at rumya@keybiscaynefoundation.org or (305) 361-2770.  

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